My name is Dana Buttenhoff and I am the owner of GolfGuruSecrets.com.

I am not a golf professional,rather I am an amateur golfer who is passionate about the game and I am constantly looking for ways to improve my game. I have been playing the game of golf for over 25 years and have been lucky enough to play some pretty fantastic golf course in the United States.

With my search to improve my game I have discovered there are ways to play “smarter” and lower my score even though I am not able to hit 300 yard drives.I am not a threat to play on the professional tour at any time in my life, but constant improvement is something I feel is in reach of every amateur golfer. Over the years I have taken lessons from golf PGA teaching professionals,followed along with instructional videos,used swing training aids and read many books on the subject of the golf swing.

My goal with GolfGuruSecrets.com is to assist you through the maze of information and allow you to improve your golf game as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

Play Your Best

Dana Buttenhoff